Yay for viognier…

GRAHAM STRINGER has the difficulty of choosing one wine to suit many demands _ and he does it.

When several families met at a Christchurch cafe recently to celebrate the successful negotiation of another birthday, the task of selecting the wine fell to me.

Piece of cake, you might think, but with four different pizza toppings, a fish dish, and steak being ordered, and one diner not keen on red wine, I had to reach for the thinking cap. The choice I made (which did involve a bit of point and hope) was The Innocent – an Australian atoledo viognier (vee-on-yay) http://unciescasino.com/ from Shinas estate in Victoria, and it online casino proved to be slotmachines an inspired one. A big, boisterous, full-flavoured wine, packed with flavours of ripe peaches, apricots and honeysuckle, it was robust enough to handle all the different food combinations. It also had the added bonus of being thoroughly enjoyed by all drinkers present.

And now for a prediction. Pinot gris may well be the current “in” drink, but the next cab off the rank will be viognier. Mind you, I predicted an All Blacks victory over France. So what makes me think that? Because this is a . . . . . .        the rest of the article can be read here